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ingrid van de wiele fall winter 1997/98

Roman Ondak, “Observations”, 1995-2011 // Ermenegildo Zegna Couture SS14
LOVE FLOOD by peter de potter
saraghazitabatabaiphotography Hello - I saw that you posted one of my pics of Ethan James on your blog! Where did you find it? Unfortunately, it's a terrible quality! Please tell me more about you! Thanks, Sara xx

hey sara, if you can send me a link to the image, i’ll update the info. 

from jacques penry’s guide to facial identification - ‘looking at faces and remembering them’
pier-gabriel lajoie from bruce la bruce’s new film gerontophilia

"lake is an unusual boy"

…yep. he’s really into old dudes.
"I literally got a ladder, climbed on top of Dash’s wardrobe and wedged myself against his wall in a foot and a half of space. It is really cute seeing them like this, they are so comfortable with one another. Later on, I woke them up and they all sat in bed facing the camera smoking cigarettes, which is the image that got published. But this image was from the beginning of the first roll."
-Photographer, Cass Bird on capturing Dash Snow, Dan Colen and Ryan McGinley for NY Magazine. ⚆ 
branko maselj by stefani pappas v